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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of my favorite websites... They've got a ton of things ripe for nerd picking. I'm sure some of you all ready go to it, but this is for the ones still in the dark. ThinkGeek's got all your electronic needs. Whether it be things you can't live without, like laser guided scissors or a titanium spork they got you covered. Or if you plan on going on a secret mission soon the website has a number of helpful items like a video watch and stalker binoculars for when she's just playing hard to get. It's even got delicious edibles, like bacon popcorn and bacon gumballs. I didn't mention a ton of their stuff, so check it out for yourself!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Homefront Game

I must say this game looks actually pretty good. Unfortunately probably none of you have ever heard of it though, so I'll have nobody to play it with when it comes out. Good thing I'm mentioning it now! Here's the basic gist of things:
-It's a FPS. Not really a surprise knowing me.
-The plot basically revolves around a Korean invasion in the U.S. The creators wanted to give the main storyline a more gripping view, fighting on your homeland and using real advertisers/stores etc. Sorry if you don't live here!
-My favorite part of course lies in the multiplayer. It will be like a Battlefield and Call of Duty cross. Big scale vehicular warfare, intense infantry firefights, and over the top fun.
-Leveling system in multiplayer. It will feature a large rank progression system similar to Call of Duty games and Battlefield ones.
-Battlepoint system. You see in Homefront, experience points (how you rank up overall and unlock new weapons) are seperate from battlepoints. Battlepoints are all in the match you are playing and you get them by doing team actions or killing people etc. Then you spend them right there on whatever your class has as its loadout. For example it could just be some extra ammo or a recon drone, or if you save up enough it could be something as big as an Apache.

So overall I think Homefront may just be worth the $60. At least to tide you over until other big releases. Here are some links for it: -Official site -About 10 minutes of multiplayer gameplay with commentary

Homefront comes out March 15th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl 45

Not that I really care much about either teams or football in general, I can't be a complete outcast so I suppose I'll be watching it with some of my friends. The best part about this is the little snacks everyone makes and eats them instead of a real meal, or the sad people you can laugh at when their team loses. Go Packers I guess!! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Battlefield 3 info!!

So recently Battlefield 3 got a new teaser!! Didn't show anything, but it has me excited none the less! I really love the Battlefield series and can't wait for the release of it sometime Q3 this year. Here's a fansite dedicated to bringing the latest news
and the official site
Can't wait to get this for Xbox!


So here it is. Finally got around to creating a blog. Hopefully it won't be a waste and some people will see it. Well, the breakdown is this will mainly be a hub for tech and video games news and things like that, or other nerdy things. Hope you enjoy it!